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Fatest teen porn ever

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Related post: Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 23:51:40 EDT From: Tommyhawk1aol.com Subject: Rejoined Halves REJOINED HALVES By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM "Call it." I teen porn cheerleaders said as I flipped the quarter into the air. "Heads." Carl said as he watched the quarter flipping and as I caught it, he said, "Tails." I'd been black teen porn sites burned by his switch before. I held my hand in place on the quarter on my wrist and said, "Pick one or the other, Carl." "I did. Now which is it?" "Heads or tails?" I persisted. His hand, so much like mine, clamped onto my upper hand's wrist and began to pry at it, but I was expecting this, too. You can't fool you own twin brother, after all! "No!" I teen boys nude porn said. "Call it, heads or tails." "Let me see the coin." "Heads or tails?" "Let me see it!" "Heads or tails!" "Boys, boys!" Mom came up, grabbing at us ineffectually. Both of us dwarfed her in size, two eighteen-year-old boys just over six feet tall and her only five foot three. Carl and I were both athletes, too, though Carl's game was swimming and mine was basketball. Still, we looked alike as ever, the only way a casual watcher could tell us apart was by our clothes. When you're half of a set of twins, you have problems that other brothers don't. When you're young, you get dressed alike, and everyone goes, oh, aren't they precious! And then you get older, and it's presents, two of everything just the same. Two footballs, two world wide teen porn bicycles, all just alike, right down to the decals and the bell. That can do things to your head, growing up as half of danish young teen porn a whole, pic of teen porn one of two, separated by the word "and" or lumped in together as "the Winzig Twins." Carl and Karl Winzig. Not even a full name to call my own, just a letter! For Carl and me, it had been a near-total breaking away from each other. By mutual consent, we had begun the division of our lives. If we both got red sweaters, one of us wouldn't wear it, ever. I had two sets of many of my clothes, the result of such "cute" matches from relatives and my mother, who never gave up on wanting us to be just the same, one on each of her arms like a couple of photos fresh teen porn bracket marks around a word. In school, teen porn cherry younger we took separate classes, and as I said, got into swiss teen porn separate sports. Carl lifted weights and swam and played tennis, the solitary or single-player pursuits, while I was always part of teams, and played sports to keep in shape. Our parents gave up after about two years, we got separate bedrooms. And I started using my middle name, Joe, leaving the hot teen free porn name Carl for my brother. But we couldn't do a thing about our genetics. Carl and I looked just alike. An unfortunate incident at the hair salon last week teen porn picturs had even left us with identical haircuts. That wasn't gothic teen porn a big deal, our problem was that next week was Thanksgiving, and we had house company. Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bob had come out to stay with us through the holidays, all the way until after New Year's Day, and they were european young teen porn nude sexy teens going free mpeg teen porn to stay with us. Which brings me back to the coin toss. One of us had to give up his bedroom for the next six weeks. Given our gay teen text history, you can see how underwhelmed beautiful blonde teen porn we both were at the teen porn with dad honor, and I had suggested a coin toss. Only Carl cheated by saying both heads and tails (like he had) and then when I'd reveal the coin, he'd say he won. After all, he'd said "heads" when it was heads, hadn't he? So no way was I going to show him the coin until he chose one or the other, clearly, once and for all. "Mom, make him show the quarter." Carl whined. "Mom, make him choose heads or tails." "Now, now, boys." Mom said. "Can't you work this out between yourselves?" "Yeah." I said. "Let's open teen pussy do Rock-Paper-Scissors." I put away the quarter sight unseen and Carl and I squared off. He would still try to cheat me. I really only had one choice. He would start with Rock. If I had chosen Scissors, he'd keep the Rock and win (fair and square, I admit), but if I chose Paper, he would quickly extend his two fingers to make Scissors, and if I chose Rock, young teen nude gallery he'd extend all four fingers to make Paper. My only choice was what I did, I chose Paper, but extended only two fingers quickly with my fingers pointing downward, and the others I lifted more slowly. He saw my two fingers, thought I picked Scissors and chose lexi teen porn star to stick teen porn index to Rock and clenched his fist tighter; that's when I lifted my hardcore porn teen amatuer hand up with all four fingers and declared, "Paper. I win." "Hey, no fair!" He said. "You cheated! Mom!" "Now, Carl, he didn't cheat. I was watching." teen lesbian vids Mom finally got involved, it was the teen titens porn only way these things would end. And maybe what I did wasn't little titty teen porn very fair, but you can see why I did what I did, and I was going to end with Paper all along anyhow. "But Mom!" Carl started in and Mom cut him short. She really wasn't very patient with Carl and me. "Now, Carl, you get your clothes together. We'll put your other things in boxes and store them in the basement until Bob and Colleen leave." Aunt Colleen was my father's sister, Mom didn't care much teen porn brasil for them, either. "Let's all just make the best of things while they're here. It won't kill you two to sleep in the same bed, you shared a bed until you were twelve, remember?" "Don't make me remember." I said with feeling. "He snores." "So do you!" Carl said. "Then you can wake each other up all night long until you get used to it. Now, Joe, go help Carl pack his things." "I'll get the boxes off the back porch." I smiled at Carl. It wasn't that teen ass videos often I won these things as you can imagine, so I was enjoying my victory. Fair and square, too (well, mostly). Carl avoided me the rest asian teen girls xxx of the day, easy enough with relatives coming by to visit with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bob. I was in my room working at my computer when Carl came in. "Hey, bedtime." he said to me. He sounded contrite. Hell, I was feeling contrite myself. "Which side of the bed do you want, Joe?" Carl asked. I turned around. "I don't care. Pick whichever you want." "Fine." best teen porn leabsnas He said and pulled his knit-shirt off over his head. As he lowered it, he said, "Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't want to give up my room." He sat on the bed and peeled off his sneakers, then his socks. "I understand that. Me, neither." I said. "Is katie smith teen porn that why teen incest porn websites you cheated me?" Carl asked. "Carl, you're the one who always cheat." I returned. "I just knew you were going to cheat and made my choice accordingly. If photos teen ******** free you'd played fair, you might have won." Carl looked hot teen girls nude at me, then shook his head. "Joe, you're a mighty strange guy." I shrugged. "We set out to be different from each other. You chose to be the one who charges in without thinking or looking. That left me with being the one who plans ahead." "Whatever." Carl said, ending the conversation, and standing up. "You and me were always different." He unzipped his pants and shucked them down his legs, leaving only a pair of small briefs, red with white trim. He always wore colored briefs; I wore either plain white briefs, or boxers in patterns. I was looking at his brief, the bulb of his balls distending them, when Carl asked, "How porn movies teen do you sleep?" "Huh?" porn german gay teen I said. "How do you sleep?" "I illegal teen porn videos close my eyes and count sheep." I said derisively. He smirked. "I mean, do you wear your briefs in bed, or pajamas or what?" "Oh! Uh...." I trailed off. I slept nude, and had for the last couple of years, but I hadn't let on to any of the family. "Whatever you want to do is fine." "Sleeping nekkid, huh?" That was how he pronounced it, "nekkid." "Yeah." sexy teen titans porn I said. "You got black teens nude old school teen porn a problem with that?" "Nah." Carl said. "Me, too, young teen porn queens ever since we came back from summer camp that year." "You, too?" I said, surprised. The camp counselor in teen girls porn site our tent had slept teen nude photography nude, a big, handsome stud of teen porn site jp a man, he had been so casual about it that he had converted most of our tent to nude sleeping. I had continued it when we'd returned...but I hadn't thought Carl had done the same. "Sure, it's more comfortable." Carl said while he scratched his balls. I stared at it and he kept scratching, then he said, "Getting a good look?" "Huh? Oh!" I said, turning away. "Sorry." "That's okay." Carl said. "Curious, huh? Me, too." "Curious?" "I mean, you're a guy walking around with my body." Carl said. "I mean, look at you! Look at me!" "I know." I said. "Stuck free black nude teens wearing someone else's face!" "It's your face, too." Carl said. "You're not going to start wearing exactly what I'm wearing, are you?" "Maybe." Carl said. "What would you do if I did?" I hardcor teen porn thought about it a couple of heartbeats and said, "Start wearing something else." "Don't want to porn teen fuck look like me, huh?" "I don't want to look like half of fatest teen porn ever a set of matching bookends." I clarified. "Do you?" "I don't know." lesbian teen titans porn Carl mused. "It might be fun, don't you think?" "No." I said. "When you coming to bed?" Carl said. "What's your hurry?" "I want to check you out, the way you checked me out." Carl said matter-of-factly. "Want to compare our equipment, see how alike we really are. You want to, too, don't you?" "I've already seen you." I pointed out. "I mean really black virgin teen porn take a look." Carl said. "Get up against round ass teen porn each other, measure it." "Measure what?" I said and didn't wait for teen kinky porn pics an answer. "You're disgusting." "I'm curious. Aren't you?" I paused a bit too long. "Not really." "Sure you are. So come on, get nekkid with me and we'll measure them." Carl said. "I also want to see teen porn dutch amsterdam if you have the same hairs I do. Here, on my left thumb, I just got three hairs. How many do you have?" I looked at my left thumb, said, "Huh! Me, too, just three hairs." Carl's thumb came up and free big teen porn he said, "Let's compare them." I let him press his thumb against mine, but I was looking past it at his cock, waggling there. "We got the same thumbnails." Carl observed. "Uh-huh." I said, not really paying attention. "We got the same wrinkles over our thumb knuckles, too, I think." Carl said. "Uh-huh." "Do we teen porn trailer have the same cock size?" "Uh-huh." "Can I see it?" His prick began to swell and fatten up. "Uh-huh." "So let me see it." "Uh-huh. Huh?" "So underage teen porn articles let me see teen titants cartoon porn it." Carl said. "Come on, take your gay teen dating clothes off, per teen porn like me." "I don't know." "Aw, come on. It's time for bed anyhow." My hands went up to my shirt and I undid the buttons. young teen modeling porn Carl's hands reached up and helped me young teen porn links undo them. I resize porn teen looked into his eyes. I hadn't done that in a very long time, looked right at Carl. So much of my life had been denying his existence, other than to make sure we didn't look like each other, ever, much as I could. Now I was looking at him...and it was like looking in a mirror. My shirt came off without my feeling cartoon inncest teen porn it. I only felt Carl's hands brushing it off my shoulders. Then black young teen porn he was pulling my t-shirt up over my head for me. It was like taking off my defenses along with the shirt. It peeled off, and with it all my hesitation. "Yeah." Carl said as his hand tossed the t-shirt over to one side. all black teen porn "Look at that. Just like me." "It's like looking at a mirror." I admitted. My hand touched his chest and then cupped one nipple. He did the same to me, and it was like a mirror image thing, each of us had our right hand on the other's left breast. "Jeez, Joe!" Carl breathed. "I can't believe how much you look like me. It's like I'm touching myself. Come on, get the rest of them off. I got to see all of you." He let go of me and got onto the bed, lay there on one upraised elbow supporting his upper body, watching me. Looking at me, his other half. I moved like in a dream, sitting down and unlacing my shoes, peeling off my thin nylon socks, reaching up for my jeans and unbuttoning them, removing everything that had made me different from Carl teen tiny porn all these years. Turning into my twin brother's other half once again. As I moved over to younger teen porn get into bed, his arms reached up for me, and it felt so good to rest teen first porn vids myself into them, as they moved long free teen porn over and met and crossed on my back. Our lips matched and when they did, I groaned and my body moved itself to get even closer to him, and I scooted up and felt his cock touch mine, and Carl grabbed them and pressed them tightly together. I would have said he was making his vaunted measurement of each other, but he didn't try, his hand was holding us tightly, and he was moving them, a slow, liquid motion that caused me to shudder, and I let go of his lips and rushin teen porn threw back my head to moan. "God, Joe!" big tits teen Carl sighed. "Why'd we ever stop sleeping together?" "Wanted ebony cute teen porn to be different." I gasped out. "Tired of being the same, treated just alike, like we were only one person." "Think maybe we went too far?" "I don't know." I said. "I just know that I want to do this." "Me, too." Carl panted. And evil teen liz porn he kissed my neck, and the kiss was pure fire. As he moved down my neck and onto my chest, that line of fire followed it, and I got the hardest damned erection I'd ever had! He moved down and when he did, his cock left mine and it tiffany teen porn star felt like I'd lost a part of myself, and I groaned. But Carl wasn't just sliding free pregnant teen porn down the bed, he was pivoting around rapidly as he could. His tongue dug into my navel as he squirmed on his stomach, and I watched his buttocks dancing up and down horny teen porn stars as he wormed around, bringing his lower body up to the head of the bed. When his legs hit the headboard, he got onto all fours. He got briefly up teen blonde lesbian porn onto his knees, his upper body still bent over me, and he grabbed me by my ankles and he heaved me along with himself as his upper body fell back onto the bed, I ended up some two feet lower down, my feet dangling over the edge of the bed, teen blowjobs videos and I saw them what he was doing. I moved to join him, then, bringing my crotch to hot teen xxx porn his face while my own face dove towards that glistening, gleaming tower of his. Like my own, it looked like my own! Carl's lips fastened onto my cock and I felt an instant jolt of pleasure quite unlike blowjob teen resize porn my own attentions to my dong. This was more like raw joy climbing my cock from the glans to the base, and up into my body, flashing up into me like a strike of lightning, and I moaned softly. When my lips slid over Carl's dong, he moaned, and it was the companion to my own moan. He dove deep down onto my prod and I felt the heat surrounding my blond teen porn pud, filling my senses with delight, and I quickly did the same to him. It was so natural, amuture teen porn so simple, for us to move in identical synchronicity, to match stroke for stroke, motion for motion, and it was like I was sucking on myself. I can't describe how I felt, doing this, we matched each other so well, far better than any other sex partner I've had since then. Maybe it was because our bodies were the same size, our muscles formed the same way, our very genetics calling out for trannies porn teen the same stimulus and naughty teen porn sites the same abilities. I just know that this was something...special. Like every movement I made was duplicated upon myself, so that I couldn't tell where teen and mature lesbian I left off and Carl began, free teen sex video where he stopped and I started. I felt like every droplet of saliva upon Carl's cock was matched to one on my own, I could drugged teen rape porn tell when to add more spit to the mix by the feel of Carl's lips on my dong, know what pleased him by the swirling waters of my own desire that washed up on my body in a breaking surf of ecstasy. Even when climax began to crawl into my brain, as my every extremity tingled like a million pinpricks of joy, I knew that Carl was feeling the very same as me, the very same. I didn't have to gauge his delight, teen webcam sex wonder if his pleasure was matching teen goes porn mine, I knew it without question the same way I knew my own. We teen phone sex numbers were one, the two halves rejoined at long last, and the pieces still mesh without a fissure to be seen after. As my orgasm ignited, as I groaned and thrashed in my sexual abandon, I was met with the hot, creamy load of Carl's jism flooding my mouth and throat, I could suckle at the tender flesh and know that every milky jet that shot into my mouth was matched by my own cock pumping into Carl's, and I didn't want this moment to end, ever, to be left forever in this position, locked in sexual congress, our bodies teen girls in porn cycling and recycling the jizz through our bodies and out of our tight teen ass licking cocks, an eternity of ejaculation, an orgy of orgasmic bliss that black teen fucking porn never ended. And when my body did fall slack, when I felt Carl laying his head on my inner thigh as he panted and the sweat of his hair touched and stroked my leg hairs, I felt a moment of regret, not for the sex, but that it had ended, that I couldn't sustain it any longer, the disappointment that orgasm is not forever, it free teen cumshot porn ends, and you are left behind to go on without it once again. Carl rose up and turned around and I scooted back up to lay my head upon the pillows once again, and this time my arms rose to envelop him and pull him down to me, horse sex teens and free nude young teens our legs intertwined and pressed against each other in a puzzle of locking limbs, our arms snaring each other like spider's webs, holding each other tight, and the kisses we gave each other were promises. I could say that we talked then, but we were brothers, after all. There was only the thanks of two sated bodies exchanged, and from there, we moved into a comfortable sleep that beckoned with warm hands to join it, and when morning came and mother's call came to us, we rose and looked at each other, and it was the look of comfortable cohabitation. All the friction of the years had evaporated, our conflicts revealed as our desire to be closer to each other, and now we were close, it was hardcore teen anal no longer needed. When we walked into the dining room, my mother looked up at us, in surprise. "Why, Carl and Joe! This is a first." "What?" I asked, genuinely puzzled. "Our clothes, doofus." Carl reminded me. "You're wearing the same clothes!" my mother exclaimed. "Oh, my, don't they just look adorable!" my mother gushed, the need to say those words for so many years made it just burst out of xxx teen pussy her. "Aren't they so cute dressed like that, my two little angels?" "Aw, Mom!" I said. "So we look alike. What's the big deal, anyway?" "It means you two are finally starting teen black rape porn to act like brothers." Mom said. "I dreaded putting you two into the same bed. I figured you two would be in a fistfight before dawn. How did you two sleep; it must have felt strange having someone else in bed with you all night long." "We slept just fine." Carl said. "We turned in unison all night." And he grinned suddenly. "I guess we sleep just alike, too." "We do a lot of things alike." I agreed. "We found that out last night." "I hope you find a lot more things in common." Mom said. "Now, which one of you is going to carry the trash down to the street for me this morning?" "Rock-Paper-Scissors?" I asked Carl. "Sure." Carl said and we threw a round. I had to take the trash down. Carl and I may be lovers now, but my twin brother still cheats at Rock-Paper-Scissors. In future, I decided, we were going to stick photo teen sex to cutting cards! THE END Comments, complaints or suggestions? E-mail the Author at Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM
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